Shock Absorbers

Different types of Shocks

Standard Shocks and Struts

The link between the wheel and the chassis system of your vehicle. An essential part of the vehicle suspension.

Shock Absorber Assembly

Accompanied with coil spring, cover, stopper and mounting, changing your shocks is hassle-free.

Air Suspension

Designed for heavy duty or larger vehicles, air suspension improves ride quality. One good example is being able to 'glide' over bumps.

When to replace your Shocks?

It is always a good habit to send your vehicle in for annual or bi-annual checks. However, if any of the below symptoms appear, it could be due to worn shocks;
  • Car body bounces on bad roads during driving.
  • Vehicle has tendency to nose dive during braking.
  • Steering and turning becomes more difficult than before, especially during bending roads.

Tip: ALWAYS replace shocks in pairs. 2 front or 2 rear.

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