Why AL?

Real issues..

”  We are tired of being restricted by the ‘BIG’ manufacturers. “


Customer A

”  Targets set by the ‘established’ brands increase every year, and profits keep reducing.  In addition, we are required to keep a big stock volume. “

Customer B

”  We need a new brand we can trust and partner with in the LONG TERM.  “


Customer C

The AL story

We have gathered the above feedback after years in the field. We understand the concerns because we have faced the same issues. We want to overcome them together with YOU.

AL is born in Singapore with the purpose to tackle the above issues. We have vast experience in the automotive parts industry for over 30 years, and with this experience, we strive to bring ONLY quality AL products to our partners, to grow our business together.

Our aim is to create a AL brand, which our partners can rely on with our full support.

Partner us today!